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The Sadie Hawkins Dance is on as scheduled today. February 25, 2017.

K-6 Paper Follow-Up Survey for Feb. 24th Flex Day 

K-6 Parents, please complete the survey about the Feb. 24th Flex Learning Day and return it as soon as possible.  

The green Parent Survey is inside your child's Flex Folder and is designed so you only have to complete ONE SURVEY for all of your K-6 children. 

You may return it with your child, drop it off at the school, or mail it.  Call 553-5810 to request a copy if somehow the survey is missing from your child's folder.

Thank you.


Encourage your son or daughter to be a GOOD DIGITAL CITIZEN: 

- Online Behavior:  MANNERS MATTER to reputation and relationships.
- Information: Select reliable, valid sources.
- Safety:  Protect yourself from online threats.

- Investigate Common Sense Media site for great tips for families on dealing with the Internet!
- Remind  students that Manners Matter online and offline:
       - KIds in the House and  Online Etiquette--7 Rules
- Check out this Stay Safe Online article "Raising Digital Citizens."

- Explore and learn how to control your own Digital Identity.


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